Viking Update Post

November 1st Viking Update Post


We are excited to host Fresh Start on Monday for our Freshman.  This opportunity will allow students to experience a “trial run” prior to their official return beginning on Wednesday, November 4th.  Students will be able to meet their teachers and classmates in person on this day.  Social distancing practices will be in place to ensure student safety while on campus.  Breakfast and lunch will be served free of charge to all students attending Fresh Start. 

Students will be able to “attend” virtually through Google Meet as well.  

Fresh Start Schedule (11/2/20)
1st Period9:10- 9:40
2nd Period9:45- 9:55
3rd Period10:00-10:10
4th Period10:15-10:25
Lunch10:25- 10:40
5th Period10:45- 10:55
6th Period11:00- 11:10
7th Period11:15- 11:25
8th Period11:30- 11:40
Student Release11:40- 12:00

Bell Schedule for Nov. 4th and Nov. 5th

Richland Two Hybrid Schedule