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Spring Valley High School Student Council Earns Top National Award

For its exemplary record of leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community, the Spring Valley High School Student Council has been recognized as a 2022 National Gold Council of Excellence by the National of Student Council (NatStuCo). The NatStuCo program is supported by its parent organization, the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

Spring Valley’s Student Council sets the bar for excellence each year by planning and executing school wide events, charity fundraising, and community involvement. This year they raised $13,000 for Make A Wish SC, collected over 1,000 Children’s Books for Richland School District Two’s Ready-2-Read Program, as well as provided Christmas gifts for (4) military families stationed at Camp Lejeune. Even in the midst of Covid-19 they were able to build school spirit and bring a sense of normalcy back with spirit weeks, themed football/basketball games, assemblies and a host of other events that united the school.

“Receiving a National Gold Council of Excellence Award shows the utmost dedication a school’s students, leaders, and staff have made to making their community a better place,” said NASSP CEO Ronn Nozoe. “Spring Valley High School has gone above and beyond in elevating student voices to ensure they are establishing a positive climate and culture, as well as fostering academic and social growth for all.”

Spring Valley principal Jeff Temoney is very excited about this recognition. “Young people are remarkable. When we support them and provide opportunities to lead, they will amaze us every time. I am so proud of our Student Council members and our Student Activities Director, Mrs. Olisa Ashford, for their service and the positive impact they continue to have on our school. They have been intentional and innovative in their efforts to engage and unite our students, staff, parents, and the entire Spring Valley community.”

“It’s been a great honor and privilege for the past four years to have the opportunity to be a part of Student Council,” said McCreary, the 2021-2022 Student Body President, when he learned that Spring Valley was awarded with this distinguished honor. “I have continually realized the impact that Student Council has made in our school, and how it not only benefits our entire student body, but the community as a whole. It’s always great to see what hard work and perserverance can lead to.”

To meet the requirements for the National Gold Council of Excellence Award, a student council must meet a variety of criteria. In addition to basic requirements such as a written constitution, regular meetings, a democratic election process, the councils have demonstrated successful sponsorship and participation in activities such as leadership development and service to the school and community. 

About National Student Council 

National Student Council (NatStuCo) provides and promotes professional development and leadership training to student council advisers who, in turn, teach leadership skills to student council members. NatStuCo is dedicated to preparing and empowering student leaders to better serve their schools and communities. For more information, visit http://www.NatStuCo.org. 

For more information about NASSP, located in Reston, Virginia, visit www.nassp.org or call 703-860-0200.


Screenshot the bell schedule for next week. Students will report straight to 1st period at 8:50 am. We will have Late Start on Wednesday with 1st Period starting at 9:50am. Wednesdays bell schedule can be located on the SPRING VALLEY WEBSITE.


Schedule changes will begin on August 17th. Students will have 5 days to request a schedule change for semester skinny and semester block courses and 10 days to request a schedule change for yearlong courses. 

Students will also have the opportunity to change their course level within the first 6 weeks of school. Please be reminded that all schedule change requests are not guaranteed and solely based on class availability.   

Students will have to make schedule changes by accessing the QR code or visiting the counseling website. Once you are on the counseling website locate your counselor and click on the change request form under their name. 

Advanced Placement Exam Expectation 

Dear Parents,
We are excited that your son/daughter has decided to engage in AP Courses while being a student at Spring Valley High School. As we continue to work to improve the integrity of our AP Program, it is imperative that all parties are aware of the items listed below and digitally sign this form.    
1. Students enrolled in AP classes on campus or online are required to take College Board AP Exams.2. Students who are enrolled past the district’s withdrawal without penalty date (5-days in a semester, 10-days in a yearlong, 6 weeks for a level down), are required to take the exam or will be required to pay the full cost of the test ($97 or $145-Seminar/Research) plus a $50 fee for the exam replacement.3. If a makeup exam is requested that is not an excused absence (medical emergency or academic conflict), the student must bear the cost of the exam, and proctor fees associated with the exam, and provide the AP Coordinator with a reason why they missed the exam. This must be done within 48 hours of missing the exam.

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