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Do You Need A Schedule Change ?

Spring Valley High School Counseling Homepage

We appreciate your patience as we are experiencing a high number of schedule requests at this time. Counselors will ensure that all schedule change requests submitted by the drop deadlines below are processed.

Guidelines for Schedule Changes:
1. Students may not drop a required course (if you have taken an online course we can not make the change until we receive the final grades from SC Virtual School)
2. You may not request a certain teacher
3. Permission to drop/change a course is based on availability.
4. Last Day to drop without penalty:

Semester Class- September 7th, 2020
Year Long- September 14th, 2020

5. Courses dropped after the 26th day of class will receive a WF on the student’s transcript even if the student is passing the course. A WF will be computed as a failing grade in the student’s GPA.