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Orientation 2022

Spring Valley High School
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
8:00AM – 1:00PM

Student orientation/registration will be held on Wednesday, August 10. Students will pick up their schedules and fee sheets first. Once students have received these documents, they will proceed to the fees line.

Additionally, please remember schedules may be accessed using parent portal. Also, fees may be paid using parent portal.

NOTE: If you are a student that’s new to Spring Valley, please contact the Guidance and Counseling Office prior to orientation to ensure you are enrolled and have a schedule. You may reach the school’s Registrar/Receptionist at (803)699-3500 Ext. 69002 or by email at

Destination #1
(Location: Commons)

    Schedules can be viewed through Parent Portal (No printed copies will be distributed). 

Destination #2
(Location: Commons)

If you wish to pay those today, you may go to the Fees station. There are (3) lines. You may choose any line.

Forms of payment during orientation:
Cash and Checks Only! You will not be able to pay by credit card or debit card

***Fees may be paid online prior to orientation/registration. PLEASE have a copy of your receipt with you if you paid prior to orientation.

Destination #3
(Location: Commons)

Lockers are $5, and may be paid when you pay your school fees. You will be able to get your locker and locker combination today.

***If you pay for a locker with your school fees, simply take your receipt to the locker table as proof of payment.
***You may also pay for a locker with cash or check.

Destination #4
Student IDs:
(Location: Media Center)

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
will pick-up their ID’s during orientation
at the designated table directly outside of the media center.

**Upperclassmen WILL NOT be allowed to have another picture taken during this time.


You will have your picture taken during orientation and receive it at that time.

Please note: Freshmen ID’s may have to be distributed during advisory if there is a technical issue with the machine.

Destination #5
(Location: C148)

A current SV parking tag must be purchased if a student will be parking on campus. Parking tags can be purchased for $25. Please read and complete the Spring Valley High School Parking Agreement form.

Note: All student drivers must take Alive @25 before they can receive a parking decal.

Additional Destinations at Orientation
Student Council
School Club Information
Bus Transportation Forms

School Counseling Department
(School Counseling Office)

New Enrollment Form Pick-up
(Course Waivers, Early Dismissal, & Virtual SC)
Proof of Residency

Schedule changes will begin on August 17th. Students will have 5 days to request a schedule change for semester skinny and semester block courses and 10 days to request a schedule change for yearlong courses. Students will also have the opportunity to change the level of their course within the first 6 weeks of school. Please be reminded that all schedule change requests are not guaranteed and solely based on class availability.

****Note: Counselors will not be able to accommodate schedule changes on the day of orientation.

Frequently asked questions

Will my student receive their textbook during orientation?
No. Textbooks will be distributed during the 1st full week of school.

Will my student be able to receive their chromebook?
Returning students and students coming from a Richland Two school already have their Chromebook. New Students will receive their Chromebook during the first day of school.

What fees can be paid online?
You can pay your student general fees, course fees, athletic participation fees, parking fees and locker fees.

If I don’t have a Parent Portal account, where do I go to set it up?
Go to and click on “Create Account.”
You will need an email address and the date of birth and Student ID number (listed on your child’s schedule) for each of your children. For additional questions, please refer to this Parent Portal presentation.

Can I pay my students fees online prior to coming to orientation?
Yes. If you would like to avoid the lines, simply print a copy of your online receipt and bring it with you to orientation. You will need to show your receipt if your student will be getting a locker or parking decal.